About Us

Follow the Orient is an exciting EdTech business and Nottingham University Ingenuity19 award winner that combines Chinese language and culture to make language learning fun!

Specialising in children's activity books, our company promotes bilingual language learning from a young age, stimulating children's minds with colourful and engaging puzzles in the form of our

Busy Books, or through a magical story land in Monkey Dreams Robot Cleans

Social Media

We make educational content on YouTube, teaching Chinese pinyin as well as doing read-throughs of storybooks, including our best-seller Monkey Dreams Robot Cleans

We also post Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts about China and its culture. In this way, we are also doing our bit to educate teenagers and adults about China, in hopes that they will be inspired to learn Mandarin, or help their child to!

How do we teach?

We are using a hybrid approach to teach languages.

Our language learning solution uniquely draws on a storytelling approach underpinned by inspirational role-models and characters that children can relate to, with their adventures unfolding as they travel the world and encounter new things.

We have also organised events in our local area to support young children learning Mandarin. Our proudest moment so far has been the Mandarin Club sessions held in the summer of 2023, inviting local children to participate in language learning activities over the summer holidays.

For more information on our events, click here